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Padlet: Career Day

This morning, we created our first Padlet wall of the year! Check it out below and find out what your child and his/her classmates have chosen as a future career! :)


Fall Party — Oct. 31st, 2014

The students will celebrate their Sumdog success by having a math party on Friday, Oct. 31st. Healthy snacks are welcome, such as chips and/or salsa, veggies and/or dip, crackers/cheese, fruit, 100% juice, etc. Sweet treats are welcome as well, but please keep them to a minimum, especially considering the likelihood that plenty of sugar will be had in the evening. Plates and utensils are always welcome as well. Thank you so much for your help! Our current student total is 29.

Red Ribbon Week 2014

Wilson’s Red Ribbon Week will take place from October 27th through 31st! This event, which began in 1985, continues among schools across the nation as a way to bring awareness to the destruction caused by harmful drugs. Our student council has decided on the following spirit days to accompany Red Ribbon Week.

Monday: Red Day “Think Ahead and Wear Red”Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday: Sunglasses Day “Too Cool to Do Drugs”

Wednesday: Twin Day “Be Like Me, Drug Free”

Thursday: Jersey Day “Team Up Against Drugs”

Friday: Career Day “No Drugs in My Future”

Sumdog Challenge: Final Results!

ThirdPlaceTHIRD PLACE! THIRD PLACE! THIRD PLACE! You all worked so hard today to get us back into the top ten, and in the end, we made it to the top three! I’m SO proud of you all!!! Third place out of 2,043 classes is AMAZING!!! Fall math party, anyone? ;)

Current Stats: Sumdog Challenge (UPDATED)

8thIn the Sumdog Challenge, we are currently in 8TH PLACE out of all 1,629 classes!

:D :D :D Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!! :D :D :D

Remember, the contest doesn’t end until tomorrow evening — keep up the great work and maybe we can make it to the top five! Or number one! What a thrill!!!

Sumdog Challenge: Myths and Legends!

MythsLegends_SumdogOur class signed up for Sumdog today, an interactive math website aimed at grades 1-8. Its goal is to adapt questions to each student’s ability in order to help master Common Core State Standards. Each student in our room was given a username and password (taped into your child’s planner). Your child has a variety of games to pick from, and will be matched with other students across the country to compete in academic races. It is enjoyable, creative, and very helpful, especially to secure the multiplication facts necessary for success in fourth grade.

In addition to this, our class also decided to join a current challenge on Sumdog! We are competing nationwide to see which class can complete the most correct questions between today and next Thursday evening, at 8:00 PM! For each student that completes 1,000 questions between now and then, regardless of our class total, that student will be able to choose a mythical or legendary costume for their avatar! Oh boy, were the kiddos excited when they saw all the choices they had! So please, this week especially, allow your child some computer time to head to to log-in and practice their mathematics. The questions are geared to their current and future fourth grade skills, and are a big help to their academic success!

Rounding Whole Numbers / LearnZillion

Now that our math midterms have taken place (which we did a wonderful job on, by the way!), we’re moving on to our next standard: rounding. The website LearnZillion is an AMAZING resource to begin this study. Below, you will find the first of five videos explaining the concept of rounding. The other videos are available here: Round Multi-Digit Whole Numbers to Any Place. We will begin exploring this topic in class on Monday. :)



Our homeroom language class has begun reading Bunnicula! If you’d like more information about the book or its authors, please use the links below. It’s great to listen to the podcasts as review! Remember, 100% on the ending quiz = 2.0 AR points!

James Howe Biography (Scholastic)

Bunnicula Series (Good Reads)

Bunnicula (Vocabulary and Podcasts)

“When the Monroe family brings home a small black-and-white bunny they find in the movie theater after seeing Dracula, Chester the cat and Harold the dog are instantly suspicious. After all the vegetables in the Monroe kitchen start turning white, Chester and Harold are certain that Bunnicula is a vegetarian vampire.” (Scholastic)

National Bullying Prevention Month

This week, we’re getting an early start to October’s National Bullying Prevention Month! As part of our classroom’s effort to reduce bullying, we are reading the amazing book Confessions of a Former Bully. Due to a generous local donor and, we now have a class set to use, bring home and discuss with our family, and fully learn from!

Confessions of a Former Bully is a wonderful, age-appropriate fiction story told from the perspective of Katie, a “former bully.” It shares what the term bullying really means (it’s not just physical!), how bullying affects both those being bullied and the bullies themselves, and provides an array of tools to draw from, should a child experience bullying. This book has been coming home all week, either to read or react to for homework. I appreciate your taking the time to read and discuss this book with your child.

Today, we created our own “bullying toolkit” and wrote down each of the eight tools provided in our story. Please use these tool cards to role-play scenarios with your child at home. What strategies work well for their personality? Help them find their own most appropriate tools and practice their use! :)