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Holes, the Novel

Meet Stanley Yelnats, the main character in our newest homeroom novel, Holes! Stanley has been sent to a juvenile detention facility called Camp Green Lake. As the synopsis from informs readers, … “Not only is the place not a camp, but it’s not green and there’s no lake: it’s in the middle of the Texas desert! Stanley’s suspicious when the warden tells him the punishment task of digging holes in the sand all day is for ‘building character.’ What’s the warden hiding? Stanley is determined to dig up the truth. Cleverly crafted with three stories that intersect time, this award-winning tale of friendship and trust is not to be missed.”

Follow along with us on Twitter to see the various projects we will be incorporating into our Holes slidedecks! For example, today we uploaded drawings of the story setting based upon evidence from Chapter One. We also began a vocabulary storyboard using StoryboardThat to elucidate the three necessary traits of a good inventor: perseverance, intelligence, and luck (according to Chapter Three).

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