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Although this URL will stay intact, it will no longer be updated. For all information concerning Room 36, please log in to Remind, Seesaw, and Twitter. 

* All direct class announcements will be sent to parents via Remind.

* Individual student work can be viewed in Seesaw.

* Public notices, photos, and links will be available on Twitter.


Ways to Connect

Model Earth Extra Credit Science Project

Due Date: Wednesday, May 18th 

For extra science credit, students may create a model of the earth’s layers.

Anything goes as long as your sphere displays each of the four layers proportionally! See the examples below.

Possible Methods: Paper mache, clay, edible items (cake, peanut butter, crumbs – be creative!), wood, cloth, paper, etc. 

Running with the EdTech Baton!

DlopAWEMTomorrow, April 5th, we will have the pleasure and honor of holding the EdTech Baton! EdTech Baton is a community-run Instagram account for sharing innovative ideas in educational technology. Each participating classroom gets to “run” for a day. They post images to a shared EdTech Baton Instagram account where others can follow, share, and gather ideas for using technology in the classroom. The images will also be shared to the EdTech Baton Twitter account and their Facebook page. Through social media, we see a curated stream of technology-based highlights through a few moments of a given day, with the baton being passed to another member of the community the following day.

Edit: See below for our Storify chronicling our day!

Holes, the Novel

Meet Stanley Yelnats, the main character in our newest homeroom novel, Holes! Stanley has been sent to a juvenile detention facility called Camp Green Lake. As the synopsis from informs readers, … “Not only is the place not a camp, but it’s not green and there’s no lake: it’s in the middle of the Texas desert! Stanley’s suspicious when the warden tells him the punishment task of digging holes in the sand all day is for ‘building character.’ What’s the warden hiding? Stanley is determined to dig up the truth. Cleverly crafted with three stories that intersect time, this award-winning tale of friendship and trust is not to be missed.”

Follow along with us on Twitter to see the various projects we will be incorporating into our Holes slidedecks! For example, today we uploaded drawings of the story setting based upon evidence from Chapter One. We also began a vocabulary storyboard using StoryboardThat to elucidate the three necessary traits of a good inventor: perseverance, intelligence, and luck (according to Chapter Three).

In Order to Divide Like a King or Queen

Sing along with a very catchy song explaining the concept of division as well as long division steps! It is sung to a Stray Cats tune and you can find the lyrics here.


Island of the Blue Dolphins

Based on a true story, Island of the Blue Dolphins is a time-honored tale that shares the life of Karana, a young Native American girl stranded alone on an island for 18 years. It is written in a poetic, narrative style and is centered around the events that took place on a real island off the coast of California first settled by Native Americans in ~2,000 B.C. As with many great stories, we will also have the chance to view the movie to compare and contrast different versions of Karana’s tale. For more information about Scott O’Dell or the story itself, please visit the following links!

Island of the Blue Dolphins (Common Sense Media)

Island of the Blue Dolphins (Scholastic)

Scott O’Dell

Holiday Multiplication Practice

Holiday Multiplication PracticeGooey gum drop buttons! Each time you get a multiplication fact correct, another piece of the holiday scene is revealed! When you complete the level, you get to build your own holiday picture! Now that we know our multiplication facts, this is easy as pie. 🙂 Be sure to always click on 0-9!

Happy Holidays Multiplication Practice

Musical World Tour: “Water and Land”

Today, we listened to the song “Water and Land” to help us remember the names of the continents and oceans on our planet. Please practice the song often! There are LYRICS HERE & AUDIO HERE. In order to help solidify the locations and shapes of each of these places, please use the fun review below!

* Blank World Map (printable at-home practice)
* Name the Continents, Continents and Oceans, Test Your Geography Knowledge
* Continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, North America, and South America. Oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, and Southern.

Seesaw e-Portfolios

seesaw-logo-scriptThank you to all the parents who have signed up for our Seesaw e-portfolios! I look forward to the communication you will have with your child, and the opportunity to share school-day successes! I know that this will become an amazing resource for us this year!

If you have not yet signed up, please see the flyer sent home, or send me an e-mail for another copy. It is well-worth your time!!!