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Snorkel GirlJust keep swimming! The games and videos listed below are far more helpful than one might think! Each game is specifically chosen as practice for one of our essential standards. They are fun to play and are designed to address specific skills that students need to learn in order to be successful in fourth grade.

*8/10/2014: Please note that due to our transition from CA to CCSS standards, the games on these lists might currently be a bit out-of-order, or not as rigorous as what we may practice in class. Also, links have not been verified since July 2013. FYI! 


Trimester One
Language ArtsTypes of Sentences (movie), Sentence Clubhouse, Complete, Subject, or Predicate?, Sentence Sort (simple/compound/complex), Conjunctions, Conjunctions Wheel Game, Reading Nonfiction (movie), Parts of a Book, Possessive Nouns, Words with Multiple Meanings, Words in Context (multiple meaning), Multiple Meaning Words, Chubs and His Plunger (parts of speech), Panda Mayhem (parts of speech), Grammar Gorillas (parts of speech), The Semicolon Wars (punctuation), Read All About It!, Fact or Opinion, Fact or Opinion #2, Irregular Verbs, Cause/Effect, Writing a Paragraph (movie), Wacky Web Tales (parts of speech - Mad Libs), Adjective and Adverb Trail, Parts of Speech, Magical Capitals, Capitalization, Capitalization #2.
MathematicsPlace Value (movie), Scooter Quest, Place Value Pirates, Football Math (place value), Everything in Its Place, Place Value Puzzler, Matching Math (value), Mystery Picture (standard and written forms), Decimals of the Caribbean (standard and written forms), Cookie Dough (standard and written numbers), What's Your Name? (standard/written/expanded numbers), Really Big Numbers (standard and written forms), Comparing Numbers (movie), Fruit Shoot (compare/order #), Ordering Decimals Game, One False Move (compare/order #), Decimals -- Order! Order!, Balloon Pop Math (ordering decimals), Rounding (movie), Half-Court Rounding, Rounders Rounding, Baseball Math (rounding decimals), Rounding, Rounding #2, Soccer Math (rounding to whole numbers), Deep Dive (multiplication facts), Lucy's Costume Closet (multiplication facts), Classroom Capers (multiplication facts), Around the World in 80 Seconds (all math facts), Cone Crazy (multiplication facts), One Digit Steps, Change Maker (money), Cash Out (giving change), Dollars and Cents (movie), Hotel Decimalfornia (add/sub decimals), X Equals (addition), X Equals (multiplication).
Social StudiesContinents and Oceans (movie), Name the Continents, Continents and Oceans, World Continents Quizzes, Test Your Geography Knowledge, Latitude and Longitude Game, Reading Maps (movie), Rural, Suburban, and Urban (movie).

Chapter Vocabulary: CA's Location/Regions of CA (Ch. 1: Lessons 1-2), Climate/Vegetation, etc. (Ch 1: Lessons 3-4), Life in CA (Ch. 1: Lesson 5), First CA's/North Coast Region (Ch. 2: Lessons 1-2), S. Coast/Cent. Valley/Desert Tribes (Ch. 2: Lesson 3-5)
ScienceThe Scientific Method (movie), Making Observations (movie), Earth (movie), Parts of a Plant (movie), Plant Life Cycle (movie), Photosynthesis Science Desk, Types of Resources, Clean Up the Park, Root Factory (plants), Life Cycle of Plants, Producers Consumers Decomposers Game, Hibernation (movie), Migration (movie), Camouflage (movie), Food Chain (movie), The Food Chain Game, Food Chains Science Desk, Food Webs, Eat or Be Eaten, Animal Diet Game (omnivore/herbivore/carnivore), Diversity of Life on Earth.

Chapter Reviews: Chapter 1 - Living Things Need Energy, Chapter 2 - Living Things and Their Environment
Trimester Two
Language ArtsSame Difference (synonyms/antonyms), Synonyms and Antonyms (movie), Synonyms, Squanky the Tooth Taker: Quiet Quest for Opposites (antonyms), Squanky the Tooth Taker: Tooth Tally (synonyms), Dividing Root Words, Synonym or Antonym?, Wordworks, Elementary Prefix Game, Root Words, Short Circuit, Prefixes Say Plenty, Spelling with Suffixes, Jelly Fish, Rooting Out Words, Main Ideas, Main Idea (movie), Summarize As You Read (main ideas), Reading Nonfiction (movie), Comparison and Contrast, Power Proofreading, Comma Confusion, Combining Sentences, Eats, Shoots, and Leaves, Rags to Riches: Quotation Marks.
MathematicsStudy Jams! (fractions video), Basic Parts of a Whole (fractions movie), What's a Fraction?, Death to Decimals (fractions/decimals - horrible title, good game), Fishy Fractions: Fraction and Decimal Match, Comparing Fractions and Decimals, Fruit Shoot: Fractions & Decimals, Tony Fraction (challenging fractions), Fishy Fractions: Equivalent Fractions, Fresh Baked Fractions, The Decifractator, Saloon Snap (fractions/decimals/percents), Multi/Div/Place Value, Prime Factoring, Grid Game (prime), Fruit Shoot Prime and Composite, Two Digit Steps, Matho (review of all geometry terms), Robot Geometry, Cargo Security (division facts), Math Baseball (division facts), Flying High (division facts), Sum Sense (division facts), Snork’s Long Division, Congruent Concentration, Area and Perimeter, CyberChase (simple area/perimeter), Everyday Area, Angles, Right Back at You (angles), Lines (parallel/perpendicular/intersecting), Identifying Triangles Based on Their Sides, Identifying Types of Triangles by Angles, Quadrilateral Quest, Quadrilaterals Memory Game.
Social StudiesChapter Vocabulary: Explorers/Newcomers (Ch. 3: Lessons 1-2), Settlements/Missions (Ch. 3: Lessons 3-4), Mex Freedom/Econ/Rancho Life (Ch. 4: Lessons 1-3)
ScienceThe Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits, Heat (movie), Light (movie), Conductors and Insulators, Magnets (movie), Building Circuits, Magnetism Science Desk, Electricity and Magnetism, Kitchen Magnets, Magnetism.

Chapter Reviews: Chapter 6 - Electricity, Chapter 7 - Magnetism
Trimester Three
Language ArtsMake Inferences (movie), Writing With The Senses (movie), Guess What Comes Next (predictions), Fling the Teacher (figurative language), Paint by Idioms, Batter Up (figurative language), Idioms and Similes.
MathematicsBanana Hunt, What's the Point? (graphing), Billy Bug (graphing), Billy Bug #2, Locate the Aliens, If the Key Fits (slides/flips/turns), Shape Surveyor (area/perimeter), Adam Ant Explores Perimeters (easy), Perimeter and Area, Bucky's Blueprints (area/perimeter), Area: Fitting In, Area in Odd Shapes and Places (challenging area), What is PEMDAS? (video - order of operations), Operation Order, Order of Operations, Royal Rescue (order of operations), Line Jumper, The Decimal Detectives, Find Grampy, Identify with Lines, Math Man, Number Line Fractions.
Social StudiesChapter Vocabulary: Move West/Trails to CA (Ch. 5: Lessons 1-2), Amer in CA/Mex-Am War (Ch. 5: Lessons 3-4), The Gold Rush/Effects of GR (Ch. 6: Lessons 1-2), CA Becomes a State (Ch. 6: Lesson 3)
ScienceEarthquakes, Volcanoes, Volcanoes Science Desk, Landforms (movie), What is a Mineral?, Minerals in Your House, Mohs' Drill, Rocks Science Desk, Who Am I? (rock types), Fossils (movie) Rocks and Minerals (movie), Rock Cycle + Game.

Chapter Reviews: Chapter 3 - Rocks and Minerals, Chapter 4 - Slow Changes on Earth, Chapter 5 - Fast Changes on Earth
Other Review Games
Bedtime Bandits (telling time), Stop the Clock (telling time), Bang on Time (telling time), Free Typing Game, Fearless Frieda (basic spelling), Keyboarding Games, Dance Mat Typing, Spell-a-Roo, Point of View, Using a Dictionary, Drag and Drop Math (be sure to choose numbers appropriate to your skill level), Solid, Liquids, and Gases (movie), States of Matter, Measuring Matter (movie), Changing States of Matter (movie), Mr. Nussbaum's Graphing Games, Word Confusion, Fruit Shoot Odd/Even, Ghost Blasters: Even (even numbers), Ghost Blasters: Odd (odd numbers), Even and Odd (movie), Artpad, Music Maker, Torture the Teacher (spelling), Storyline Online, What Tree is That?.

NOTE TO PARENTS: I have provided the following websites for your child’s fun and enjoyment and to assist them in practicing fourth grade skills on the web. Please take note that because of the nature of the Internet, it is still possible to access a series of links that may take one to almost anywhere. In other words, in spite of efforts to supply appropriate material and links on this page, parents should constantly supervise children while they surf the Web.