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(29) Kaylee Meek
Wed, 4 May 2011 09:47:44

Happy birthday Ms.York hope you have a special, happy, and fun day this day goes to you. Your a special teacher to me and i never want to leave 4th grade. Hope i can see you sometime next year.

(28) rebekah smith
Sun, 20 March 2011 01:29:21

LOVED your site and was able to find some great, new ideas to try in my own 5th grade classroom. thanks for the encouragement and your hard work!

(27) Juan
Fri, 7 January 2011 20:33:27

Hello Ms.York! :D You were the best teacher ever! :) I wish I could go back into 4th grade...Well bye-bye!

(26) gagagaga
Sat, 6 November 2010 12:44:58

i miss you ms. York

(25) Martin
Fri, 5 November 2010 11:24:45

I like the games on here

(24) gagagaga
Fri, 5 November 2010 11:20:08

your books are cool

(23) Spencer
Fri, 5 November 2010 00:13:14

Ms York i miss your class and everyone else does to we all have a present for you.

(22) gagagaga
Thu, 4 November 2010 20:11:27

ms. york your class room is the nicest one i have ever seen

(21) gagagaga
Wed, 3 November 2010 19:07:38

ms. york is awesome !

(20) karen seibelrich
Sun, 17 October 2010 20:33:06

I love your pages. My daughter is in 4th grade at a private Catholic school and they just don't get it like you do. If only my child could be in your class, what a difference it would make for her. The children in your class are very lucky to have a teacher put so much thought and effort into how the material is presented to them. Your a wonderful teacher! I only wish my child could be in your class.

(19) rocio navarro
Thu, 2 September 2010 16:36:05

hi ms. york it s me rocio your student from last year I really do miss being in your classroom but im i n Mr. Carrs class know and it s twice as hard now but all i want to say to u is you sill are the most best teacher i ever had

(18) Ruby Rummelhart
Tue, 24 August 2010 20:22:41

Hi. Can't wait to see you. I am excited to be in your class this year. Can't wait to do all of your fun activities.

See you in a few days!


(17) Mrs.K
Thu, 22 July 2010 18:56:31

Your website is crisp, clean, and simple. Very easy on the eyes. I love it! I will be teaching fourth grade this year. Your Title is Wonderful!!! Great job!

(16) Spencer
Sat, 3 July 2010 23:19:26

hi ms. york dont get mad that i didnt captalize or any thing else r u still crying happy early 4th of july all vist u in the fith grade

(15) Strawberry
Fri, 11 June 2010 15:16:49

Hi Mrs.York!!!!!!!!

(14) Chloe Morton
Tue, 8 June 2010 16:21:38

hey Ms. York.....Its Chloe. i miss you and your funnyness soooo........ much!!! write back i remember your class like i was in there yesterday!!!!! 6th grade is fun!!! i will visit soon


(13) Vicki B
Fri, 26 March 2010 17:38:10

I love the website! It is fun to check it periodically to see what is going on!! Keep up the good work Room 36!

(12) neena kaur
Mon, 4 January 2010 01:04:57

this is a great website,very fun!

(11) rocio
Fri, 30 October 2009 15:23:13

ms. york website is so awsome

(10) spencer
Fri, 30 October 2009 15:22:38

hi ms.york just want to say hi