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Many parents wonder what they can do to make sure their children are prepared for fourth grade math. Let me introduce you to the biggest factor for success: memorization of fast facts! Addition and subtraction facts have been memorized by third grade, now we’re moving on to multiplication and division.

Students need to be fluent with multiplication facts (0-12) and corresponding division facts. In fourth grade, we need to move quickly into 2 and 3-digit multiplication and long division. Having the basic facts memorized will make it possible for students to be successful with these and other more advanced processes. Not having the basic facts memorized will make learning these concepts very difficult. Our fourth grade math curriculum is very challenging and requires us to move quickly to learn everything our students are expected to learn. We will not have the time to relearn basics.

How can you help your child with math facts?

– Spend just a few minutes each day or a few days a week practicing, rather than long practice sessions.
– Identify the most challenging facts for your child and spend the most time on those.
– Use time that is usually “wasted” (waiting in line, sitting in traffic) to drill facts.
– Use flashcards so your child can practice with anyone, including themselves.
– Learn the tips and tricks that make facts easier (see below).
– Play games with the facts. Try to find ways to make practice fun, including silly rhymes, songs, or memory tricks.
– Card games, such as multiplication war, are also effective.
– Let your child practice online with the games found below.

Where can I find multiplication review games?

Are there any tricks?