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Thank you for visiting! By frequenting our class website throughout the year, you will be able to always stay up-to-date on Room 36 happenings! Weekly posts help connect you to school and classroom announcements, Scholastic book orders, field trip photos, novels we read, projects we create, and so much more! The links below are great primers at the start of the year especially, so please take a few minutes of reading time and prep yourself. Here’s to a challenging and successful year! Come back often!


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Fourth Grade
PBS Parents: Fourth Grade"What They Learn" and "How They Learn"
Family Education NetworkYour Fourth Grader
Education.comThe Parents Guide to Fourth Grade
National PTAParents' Guide to Student Success

NEA/PTA"Helping Your Student Get the Most Out of Homework"
KidsHealth"Helping Your Gradeschooler with Homework"
U.S. Dept. of EducationHomework Tips for Parents (PDF)
Discovery Education"Getting Kids to Do Their Own Homework"

General Parenting
Parenting with Love and LogicDr. Charles Fay and Jim Fay
IVillage.comPregnancy & Parenting: Big Kids (Grade Schoolers)